Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Weekly Update : 2nd November 2022

PSHE at Kettering Buccleuch Academy


At KBA students are taught PSHE/RSHE through 2 platforms – Votes For School and Life lessons.

Some aspects of our PSHE/RSHE/SMSC programme of study incorporate challenging topics, and we make no apologies in ensuring these are delivered to all our students in a safe learning environment. This is so students can ask questions, learn about common misconceptions and prejudices, and be able to make their own informed decisions and choices, after being presented with the full facts.

If you would like further information, please visit the PSHE page on our website -


Please take the time to discuss with your child/children what they have learnt this week.


Some ideas for prompt questions may include:

  • Tell me one thing that you learnt in your PSHE lesson that you didn’t know before the lesson?
  • What did you find interesting about your PSHE lesson?
  • How did you feel about your PSHE lesson today?

This week in Votes For School  


Students have the opportunity to explore the potential health implications of vaping and its increasing popularity (especially among young people). They will also consider the factors driving its appeal, and what the future may hold.


Life lessons


This week in Life lessons students are learning:


Year 7 

Theme = Body awareness. 

Topic = Knowing your body


Year 8 

Theme = Relationships. 

Topic = Healthy friendships


Year 9 

Theme = Community. 

Topic = Sexual violence


Year 10 

Theme = Relationships

Topic = Communication and vulnerability in relationships


Year 12

Theme = Relationships. 

Topic = Ending and improving relationships


Year 11 and 13 have this time dedicated for exam revision and intervention prior to their forthcoming mock examinations.

United Learning Parent and Carer Survey

We are pleased to let you know that we will again be taking part in the United Learning’s annual parent/carer survey.  Our school is part of United Learning, a group of over 90 schools across England and we believe that however good we are, we can be better.  For this reason, we run an annual parent survey so that we can understand your experience as parents/carers of a child at Kettering Buccleuch Academy. Your views are important to us, and your feedback will help us understand what you value most about Kettering Buccleuch Academy and to identify areas for improvement. 


We really hope that you will complete this survey to help us gather your feedback, it takes only 15 minutes to complete, and you can enter into a draw to win a £25 Amazon voucher


Parent Survey Link

The PRIMARY parent survey link for Kettering Buccleuch Academy is:

The SECONDARY parent survey link for Kettering Buccleuch Academy is: 

Some key information:

  • The survey is run by an experienced survey company called Edurio.  Neither the school or United Learning will be able to identify you or your child from your response, unless you write something in one of the free text boxes that identifies you or your child by name. To read our privacy statement in full, please click here.

  • If you have more than on child at the school, complete the survey with your eldest child in mind. You are welcome to complete the survey for each child if you would like to. 

  • It is possible for more than one parent/carer wishes to complete the survey for a child. 

  • The survey relates to parents/carers of pupils from Reception up to and including Year 13.

  • If you have any problems completing the survey or need any help, please contact out survey lead - Mr Thres

 The deadline for completion is Friday 2nd December.

Careers at KBA


At KBA all students in years 7-13 have access to the Unifrog platform, an unbiased destinations platform that offers guidance to student about the pathways available to them as well as delivering regular webinars on current affairs and global topics.


Each week we will share details of upcoming webinars that students can sign up for by logging in to their account via


Next week is Green Careers Week


  • Explore green careers – Monday 7th November @ 16:30
  • The climate crisis: an in-depth look – Monday 7th November @ 17:30
  • Veganism and the future of the food industry – Tuesday 8th November @ 16:30
  • How to live more sustainably and reduce your carbon footprint – Wednesday 9thNovember @ 16:30
  • Understand animal and plant conservation – Wednesday 9th November @ 17:30
  • Demystify Oxbridge – Thursday 10th November @ 16:30


Free Careers Events For Parents

An email has been sent to all parents regarding upcoming FREE events with InvestIN. Please follow this link to register for the events below Events for Parents | InvestIN – InvestIN Education


  • 16th November – Future-proofing students
  • 30th November – Finding a future in finance
  • 7th December – Succeeding in psychology


Barclay Apprenticeships 2023 OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS 

Opportunities are now available for 2023 for our year 11 and 13 leavers. Follow the link for further details. Search our Job Opportunities at Barclays (


Careers and Higher Education Evening - Thursday 30th March 2022 

We are pleased to announce the date of the largest school-based careers event in Northamptonshire. More details will be released closer to the time but if you or someone you know would be interested in being involved in the event please


All students from years 7-13 have access to our on-site impartial careers guidance offered by Prospects. If you would like your child to be added to the waiting list please email Mr Fraher our careers lead


Attendance is an integral part of future success in school and here at KBA we put an enormous emphasis on the need for students to be here every day.


The attendance lead for the academy is Mr Fraher who works alongside Mrs Bell (Attendance Officer) and Mrs Webb (Attendance Coordinator).


Each week we will share key information with regards to attendance and reminders of processes in place.


Authorised absence for headlice 

We are able to authorise half a days absence for cases of headlice, to allow time for children to have their hair treated. As with all absences please ensure communication is made with the academy as to the reasons for absence.


You will have received an attendance update for your child’s attendance from the first half term. Please use this information to discuss the importance of your child’s attendance with them and their achievement of the 96% target for all students.


We were also very happy to send home over eight hundred 100% attendance celebration letters for last term. Well done to everyone who received one of these letters, keep up the great work!


Thank you for your ongoing support.

Seneca Update

In the last week of term students were awarded merits and certificates for their performance on Seneca. Our top student in each year group was: Vanessa (Y7), Imogen (Y8), Josh (Y9), Poppy (Y10), Pippa (Y11), Letisha (Y12) and Orlana (Y13). Well done to these students!

There will be prizes up for grabs at the end of this term for the student in each year group who has completed the most Active Time on Seneca (for homework and independent study combined). Keep working hard on Seneca!