Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Weekly Update : 9th November 2022

National Anti-bullying Week 

On Monday 14th November we are promoting National Anti-bullying Week by asking all students and staff to come in ODD SOCKS.

We have a fantastic House competition which promotes awareness of antibullying week. 

Every student who wears odd socks next Monday will earn points for their House. Additional points will be allocated to any tutor groups where every individual, including the tutor, wears odd socks.

We look forward to seeing all your odd socks on Monday.

Homework Club

Homework Club started for our Key Stage 3 students last week and attendance was fantastic. We run this club every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in N0.10 from 3pm to 3.50pm. 

All Key Stage 3 students are welcome, and we provide snacks and a drink.

Be great to see your child there.

Year 11 and 13 Mock Examinations

All Year 11 and 13 students will be taking their Mock Examinations this term. The vast majority of exams take place from Monday 14th November to Thursday 1st December. Although there are a couple of exams during the week beginning Monday 7th November. 

Students have received a paper copy of their timetable and it has also been emailed to both students and parents/carers. It is vital all students prepare for these examinations and attend school throughout this process. During this time, their teachers will be setting specific homework tasks which will be linked to the skills/knowledge they need to revise for these examinations.   Please note, homework detentions will continue as normal.

Lastly, can all students please ensure they bring the correct equipment to their examinations? For example - black pens, a ruler, a protractor and a scientific calculator

Book Amnesty

We are currently running a book amnesty at KBA. We would like all old and overdue books returned to the library.

Every book returned will be rewarded with a merit and entry into a prize draw. If you return five books that equals five merits and five entries into the prize draw.

The deadline is Friday 11th at 1pm

Parents’ Evening Schedule for Years 7-13

All of our academic and tutor parents’ evenings will be held virtually between 5-8pm on the dates shown below.  

Parents’ can log in and make appointments approximately 2 weeks before the published dates using the website

Reporting Schedule for Years 7-13

Our reports are sent electronically via email to all primary guardians.  

The reports are also stored on the My Arbor Application which is available from
the Apple Store or Google Play or via 

Assessment Calendar for Years 7-13

All parents/carers will receive the results for the mock examinations, mid-year
testing and end of year testing as part of the formal report cycle.  This will include
a raw score (total marks) and a test grade.

The mid-year tests will run throughout January in all subjects, timetables will be
made available to students before the end of the term.

The end of year tests will run throughout July in all subjects, timetables will be
made available to students before the end of term 5.

PSHE at Kettering Buccleuch Academy

At KBA students are taught PSHE/RSHE through 2 platforms – Votes For School
and Life lessons.

Some aspects of our PSHE/RSHE/SMSC programme of study incorporate
challenging topics, and we make no apologies in ensuring these are delivered to
all our students in a safe learning environment. This is so students can ask
questions, learn about common misconceptions and prejudices, and be able to
make their own informed decisions and choices, after being presented with the
full facts.

If you would like further information, please visit the PSHE page on our website.

This week 

Students in year 7-10 will be completing the United Learning student survey,
instead of Votes For School and Life lessons.

This is an important aspect of the student voice and allows our students the
chance to say about many aspects of Kettering Buccleuch Academy and United

Votes For School  

This week this will be only for years 11 and 12  - To celebrate UK Parliament
Week, voters will consider the implications of changing the voting age to 16
across all elections in the UK. 

Life lessons

This week year 12 are looking at the topic of relationships and the meaning of

Year 11 and 13 have this time dedicated for exam revision and intervention
prior to their forthcoming mock examinations.

United Learning Parent/Carer Survey 2022

We are pleased to let you know that we will again be taking part in the United
Learning’s annual parent/carer survey.  Our school is part of United Learning, a
group of over 90 schools across England and we believe that however good we
are, we can be better.  For this reason, we run an annual parent survey so that
we can understand your experience as parents/carers of a child at Kettering
Buccleuch Academy. Your views are important to us, and your feedback will help
us understand what you value most about Kettering Buccleuch Academy and to
identify areas for improvement. 

We really hope that you will complete this survey to help us gather your 
feedback, it takes only 15 minutes to complete, and you can enter into a draw
to win a £25 Amazon voucher. 

Parent Survey Link

The SECONDARY parent survey link for Kettering Buccleuch Academy is: 

Community Tree Planting

We are pleased to promote this initiative. Please see the flyer below.