Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Weekly Update : 5th December 2022

Cold Weather 

The weather forecast for the remainder of this week predicts a significant dip in temperatures. 

As a consequence of this we will be opening the ground floor of the building to students during break and lunchtime. Floors 1 and 2, which would normally be open for toilet access, will be closed. Toilet areas on the ground floor will be opened to students.

Students will still be required to purchase 'grab and go' food items in the marquee areas. Plated hot meals will still be available in the KBA Cafe with students taking up the option of a hot meal asked to eat at tables in the cafe.

We would like to ask for your support in ensuring that students are reminded of the importance of not dropping litter anywhere on site. We have a large number of bins, including those designated for recycling, but a small minority of students are not using these. The knock-on effect of this is an increased workload for staff who could be more gainfully employed on other duties.

Term Dates

Please be reminded of our term dates for the rest of the academic year. These are shown below.

Christmas Arrangements (Secondary Years)

We are busily preparing for the end of the Autumn Term and would like to share the following information.

We will be holding a non-uniform day on Thursday 15th December. This is a reward for students and staff and there is no requirement to make a charitable donation on this occasion.

We do, however, ask for your support in ensuring that students wear clothing that is appropriate for school. The following items are not allowed and students may be asked to change if they insist on wearing them:

  • very short shorts or skirts
  • crop tops which leave midriffs uncovered
  • clothing which reveals underwear
  • clothing with offensive or inappropriate logos or wording

The last day of term* for students will be Thursday 15th December and the academy will close at 3:00pm on this day.

*Please be aware that the Hamiltons bus service is not able to be rescheduled and will still collect students at 4:00pm on Thursday 15th December. If you would like your child(ren) to leave at 3:00pm rather than at this time please make arrangements to accommodate this.

Save the Children Sixth Form Christmas Jumper Day 

On Thursday 8th December, we are once again inviting Sixth Form students to take part in the Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day. 

Our Sixth Form students will be able to wear their silliest, sparkliest or cosiest Christmas jumpers and make a donation of £2 or more (or whatever you can afford) to support the important charity work of Save the Children. 

You don’t even need to splash out on a new jumper to take part. Just decorate an old or plain jumper with tinsel, baubles or homemade snowflakes, to create unique crafty crackers! 

For every £2 donation this year the government have pledged to double it.

Please make your donation via KBA’s online payment system; Scopay.


Feedback from Year 9 Parents Evening

Following the parents evening last week we have received some feedback from parents and teachers and would like to clarify the three points below.

  1. All students must choose either Geography or History but they may also pick the other as one of their free choices. For example a student might choose Geography, History and one other subject.
  2. You can view the list of subjects we offer now via the curriculum section of the website. Click here and scroll down to the Key Stage 4 section. In addition to these we will also be offering GCSE Computer Science next year. Please be aware that not all courses are open to all students and courses will only run if a sufficient number of students choose that subject. Full details of this will be communicated with you and your child starting on 30th January 2023.
  3. Following on from parents' evening you may want to know how to check your child's progress on Seneca. Seneca is an online learning platform used by several subject areas across the academy for homework, revision and independent work. Click here and create a parent account for yourself using the email address we have stored for you in Arbor. Your parent account will then automatically be linked to your child. You will then be able to see upcoming assignments and past performance.

Bedrock Update

This is the last week of Bedrock homework. For years 7-10, there will no Bedrock homework set until w/c 23rd January so that students can focus on their mid-year tests. However, students will still be able to complete Bedrock, in school, during registration.

PSHE at Kettering Buccleuch Academy

At KBA students are taught PSHE/RSHE through 2 platforms; Votes For Schools and Life lessons.

Some aspects of our PSHE/RSHE/SMSC programme of study incorporate challenging topics, and we make no apologies in ensuring these are delivered to all our students in a safe learning environment. This is so students can ask questions, learn about common misconceptions and prejudices, and be able to make their own informed decisions and choices, after being presented with the full facts.

If you would like further information, please visit the PSHE page on our website.

Please take the time to discuss with your child/children what they have learnt this week. 

Some ideas for prompt questions may include:

  • Tell me one thing that you learnt in your PSHE lesson that you didn’t know before the lesson?
  • What did you find interesting about your PSHE lesson?
  • How did you feel about your PSHE lesson today?

This Week's Votes For Schools Topic 

This week, students are discussing food banks. 

They explore some of the factors driving the cost of living crisis, consider key statistics surrounding food banks, and reflect on what recent stories show about UK society today.

Mid-Year Assessments 

Year 7, 8, 9 and 10

Students in Year 7 to 10 will be sitting their mid year assessments next term, beginning on Monday 9th January 2023.

To support students' preparation for these assessments, we will:

  • Provide students with an assembly, to ensure they are prepared for the assessments
  • Give all students the dates and times of their assessments
  • Set homework tasks which are linked to the knowledge required in the assessments
  • Plan lessons which include opportunities to revise key topics/skills
  • Full attendance is a vital part of this process. This is an opportunity for students, parents and teachers to gauge a students' performance in exam conditions. 

Year 12 

Students in Year 12 will be sitting their Mid-Year assessments next term, beginning on 4th January 2023.
To support students’ preparation for these assessment, we will:
  • Provide students with a Global Learning session, to ensure they are prepared for the assessments
  • Set homework tasks which are linked to the knowledge required in the assessments
  • Plan lessons which include opportunities to revise key topics/skills
Full attendance is a vital part of this process. This is an opportunity for students, parents and teachers to gauge a students' performance in exam conditions. 

Year 11 Important Dates

A reminder that the second and final Year 11 parents evening takes place Thursday 26th January. 

Also, Year 11 students start their second set of mock examinations on Monday 27th February. 

We will send further details nearer the time.

Year 11 Prom

We are already beginning to make plans for next year's Year 11 Prom at Boughton House.

This is an invitation only event and students in Year 11 are being awarded points throughout the year via ClassDojo in relation to their attendance, punctuality and behaviour.

We will be providing more details regarding the Prom for parents of students in Year 11 at the start of the next calendar year.

Student Boxing Success

KBA student Tiana enjoyed success last weekend as she clinched a gold medal at the England Boxing Women’s Winter Box Cup. You can read more about Tiana's medal-winning exploits by clicking here.

Staying Safe On Social Media

Please see the poster below, produced by National Online Safety, which provides information, advice and guidance in relation to social media and mental health.