Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Weekly Update : 22nd March

 'School Of Rock' Success

Members of KBA Stage School shone last week as they took part in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s School of Rock – The Musical! This was the first production that we have staged since 2019, so it was amazing to watch over 60 of our students back on (and behind) the stage again!  

Students have been working hard since September and have embraced the audition and rehearsal process with utmost professionalism and commitment, coming to rehearsals every Friday after school. As well as watching the students develop in terms of singing, dancing and acting, it has been delightful to watch new friendships develop and flourish.  

Taking the lead as Dewey Finn and Rosalie Mullins were Jude Major and Alicja Kwiecien (Year 13). Naturals of the stage, they led the energy and put on a fantastic show with killer vocals and superb comic timing. Will Warren and Lauren Hunt (Year 12) supported Jude and Alicja as Ned Schneebly and his highly strung girlfriend, Patti DiMarco. Will commented that “being on the stage last week made me feel more comfortable and at home than I have ever felt – it was incredible.” 

We have been inundated with compliments but here are some highlights: 

“Wow. Wow. Wow. What an incredible show you have all produced. Who needs to go to the West End when you can see this at KBA.” 

“If I had to sum this up in one word: PHENOMENAL…Take a bow” 

“What an amazing performance from all the students at KBA. You have produced an incredible show which you should all be so proud to be a part of. Well done to all the staff who work so hard. So much talent! Thank you.” 

“Many congratulations to you, your team and of course your wonderful cast of ‘School of Rock!’  It was a wonderful show and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can’t imagine the hours of work to produce such a professional performance. Thank you so much!”

“Just want to say a massive thank you to you all for you time, effort, teaching, patience, love and care put into the school show. There is an incredible amount of talent at KBA and the whole cast were amazing. My children had an absolute blast, they have both learnt so much beyond the classroom and a fantastic opportunity to do what they love.” 

This is just the beginning of showing you what our students have to offer, and plans are already being made for our 2024 show! So, finally, one more HUGE “well done!”, “bravo!” and “thank you!” to all students and staff involved for making it a huge success! 

All that is left to say is… 

“We are the School of Rock… and school… is… out!” 

Careers at KBA

At KBA all students in years 7-13 have access to the Unifrog platform, an unbiased destinations platform that offers guidance to student about the pathways available to them as well as delivering regular webinars on current affairs and global topics.

Each week we will share details of upcoming webinars that students can sign up for by logging in to their account via

Study at a city university – Tuesday 27th March @ 16:30

Study at a rural university – Tuesday 27th March @ 17:30

Study at a selective university – Tuesday 28th March @ 16:30

Study at a specialist arts university – Tuesday 28th March @ 17:30

Study at a campus university – Wednesday 29th March @ 16:30

Study in a modern university – Wednesday 29th March @ 17:30

Study in Scotland – Thursday 30th March @ 16:30

Study in Wales – Thursday 30th March @ 17:30

Careers and Higher Education Evening - Thursday 30th March 2022

We are pleased to announce that next week we are hosting the largest school-based careers event in Northamptonshire. Please see below for details of the event as well as a list of exhibitors and seminars taking place throughout the evening.

The following seminars will be taking place throughout the evening session (5:00pm to 7:00pm)

We recommend that you look through these in advance in order to plan your evening.


This week is the final week of Bedrock homework for term 4. No Bedrock homework will be set over the holidays. 

Online Learning Platform Engagement

Towards the end of this term, you will receive information about how your child has engaged with the following platforms: Seneca, Sparx, Bedrock and how many extracurricular opportunities they have engaged with.

This report will show you where your child sits within their year group for engagement with these different areas of the curriculum e.g. top 10%. The figures are nothing to worry about and we do not sanction students based on their rank within the year group. The rank is provided simply to prompt conversation at home around homework, revision and independent work.

You can track how well your child is progressing on Seneca at any time by creating a parent account. Go to and sign up using the email address we have stored for you on Arbor. This will automatically link your parent account with your child so you can see their upcoming assignments and see how much work they have done on Seneca.

Sparx also sends parents an automatic reminder about upcoming deadlines. This email will be sent to the address provided to the school.

If you have questions or feedback about any of these areas, please get in touch with the following member of staff:




Extracurricular opportunities:

This week’s PSHE

Votes For Schools

Following the exponential rise of ChatGPT, as well as the steady increase of AI technology in our daily lives, voters consider what the future may hold for artificial intelligence: will using it more enhance our lives? Or could it pose problems that we cannot even predict? 

They explore these questions by looking at the current - and potential - uses of artificial intelligence across education, transport, art, medicine and jobs. 

Have a look at the lesson – how would you vote?

​pptx icon VFS 15 min Use of AI - wk beg 20th March.pptx

Life Lessons

This week in Life lessons students are learning:

Year 7

Theme = Body Awareness

Topic = Consent and privacy

Year 8

Theme = Well being

Topic = Fake news and echo chambers

Year 9

Theme = Body awareness

Topic = Developing sexuality and readiness for sex

Year 10

Theme = Well being

Topic = Conversations about mental health

Year 12

Theme = Well being

Topic = Media influence identities and relationships

Year 11 and 13 have this time dedicated for exam revision and intervention.

Sixth Form Breakfast Club Volunteers

Each morning at KBA we offer breakfast to a group of students that need it. 

Sixth Form students will be volunteering to support younger students at this breakfast club during the build up to the summer examinations. 

We are very proud of the work that our Sixth Form students do to support younger students. Please do encourage your daughter or son to take these volunteering opportunities as they help to build skills and material for CVs as well as helping the school community